viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

My cats

I had for five years a cat named Molly, she was my beloved cat! and....she suddenly dissapeared Jan 8/2012 (the day of my birthday Photobucket).

Today, is 2 months + 1 day since the last time we saw her. She just went out for a walk in the afternoon and never returned. We have no clue of what happened to her, we just feel pain and cry and cry for her. We post flyers and checked out the surveilance cameras in our residential unit, with no results.

At this point, somehow we're starting to accept her absence.

Some pictures of our BELOVED Molly:





Story doesn't end there (entry name "My cats", remember?). A neighbor appeared one day with a kitty, they (our neighbor and her daughter) found her near a church. They picked her up and said: "It is perfect for our neighbors, that just lost their cat".

At first I was a bit mad, I mean...there's NO replacement for Molly and it upset me a little that they thought a "new cat" was the solution for our pain Photobucket.

Anyway long story short, the kitty stayed. Her name is Lola and she's almost 3 months old. It hasn't been easy to accept her, but we have no heart to throw a cat back to the streets no matter how big our pain is.

Right now I'm studying Japanese and she thought my eraser was the perfect place to take a nap:


じゃあね Photobucket

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