domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Shinanime Comics n Games


Late update is late.

The 17th of this month, the Shinanime (collective group of manga and anime in Cali) celebrated the Shinanime Comics n Games!

As always, I attended the event as audience and with family and business: Arakut.

Anyway, at last minute I went and enjoyed the event.

I took some pictures with AWESOME cosplayers from my city, Familia Souma. They don't a have a fanpage as a group, but two of the members have a page with all of their cosplay: and (er...I'm not sure if Fito accepts all requests in that account, sorry).

Me? as I said...I didn't want to leave bed that day, so I didn't put that much effort on what I was wearing.

No more bla bla, now some pics!






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