sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Compulsive Shopper + Some quick update of my life...

Hello everybody ~

About three weeks ago, a friend from Bogotá was selling this long black straight wig for only US $17. Yes, I bought it...and I'm not even sure of when am I going to use it Photobucket.

My make up was a mess by that time of the day, so for the sake of your mental health, no face.



Thought, I loved this wig! ♥

About the "quick update", I've received some messages at Facebook that really pissed me off last week. There's a guy I only said "hi" once, and somehow he found me on FB. I added him, not big deal but he started writing me messages. At first the messages were like "You are so pretty :)". I didn't feel interested in the guy and I can't make someone feel bad, so mostly I never answer these kind of messages. He continued writing me three more messages and I continued ignoring them all, until he asked me to, literally, have sex with him and give him a chance. WTF?! I was so freaking mad! Of course, I replied telling him that was never going to happen, that I was not the kind of woman who slept with a man just because was single and wanted to spend a good time.

I thought I had stopped him with that but no....he just had to reply again...calling me a bitch.

Dude, fuck off Photobucket.

Other guy is also writing me. He hasn't been rude but...(bitch mode on) he scares me so much. I'm a woman of decent manners, I'm kind and nice with everybody, and I don't like being rude. Everytime I talk to him, I try to stay cool and continue being nice and kind...but the way he looks at me it's hard to ignore...it really really scares me Photobucket.

At the moment I'm single, and of course I want to get married and have children but I will not be with any guy I don't like or love, just not to be single. The truth is I prefer rather be single than with someone I'm not interested in. Before you start judging me have this in mind: I've been in a relationship with a man I didn't love. I finished that relationship 'cause I couldn't continue with that lie. That didn't end up well for him. I'm not hurting another person who doesn't deserve it. Hey! I've also been in one relationship where he didn't care about me. It sucked hard for me back then. So yes, I've been in both sides and trust me, it sucks.

I will not hurt anyone.

The day I say "I love you", I will love him with all my heart and for life.

At the moment, I'm not looking for a man to start a relationship. I'm focused on my job, projects for the future and friends. No, I'm not lying. It has been a while since I had this peace of mind, since I had no pressures. By now, I get to work looking at the beautiful sky of my city with my mind completely blank. I do my job, and talk with my friends in the office, and I leave work the same way. I feel happy and relaxed; completely free and unstoppable ~

じゃあね Photobucket

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