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XCM-215 GEO Angel Gray Review

Hello ~

Last week I got a pair of XCM-215 GEO Angel Grey. My eyes are very dark so most circle lens won't make a difference of color on my eyes.

For a while I've been tempted to buy grey lenses, and after thinking about it A LOT I decided to get a pair of the XCM series of GEO.

The lenses in its case:

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With no flash and very yellow room light (?):

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With flash:

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Outdoors at day with no flash *quick update*:

 photo 2013-01-18091228-1_zps852cbebc.png

I got home yesterday at 7:00 pm and decided to makeup and do the review! (about my hair, it was raining and my hair is curled so...do the math). Photobucket.

The first thing I noticed about these lenses is that it seems more thin and flexible. I'm not sure why but I can't wear these as easy as my other GEO lenses (XCH-623 and YH-301), though these lenses are the most comfortable pair I have (so far).

Color: ★★★☆☆

Comfort: ★★★★★

Enlargement: ★★★★☆

I have the purpose of blogging more this year and I will take advantage of every minute to improve; buying or making clothing one by one, practicing with new makeup tutorials, taking pictures everytime I go out (I work hard on my Gyaru makeup and coordinates not to take any picture. From now on I will take and post pictures of every occasion and I DON'T CARE HOW FUNNY MY FACE LOOKS XD) Photobucket.

Gyaru requires a lot of time and dedication and I will give the style what it needs. Last year everything was about work so I stayed late working to wake up the next day early and continue working, and at the end of the week I only had one day free....ONLY SUNDAY! Well, I said this year....NO MORE! my work is important but it won't become everything.

じゃあね Photobucket

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