viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013


Well, it has been a looong time since I said I was going to blog more often but clearly, it hasn't been the case. The reason? A couple of things:

1. I finished my job in the University on march. February and March were months with a HUGE load  of work. Even after I finished my contract, I had to continue working on reports since my boss didn't do his job on time.

2. At that time I didn't think of this as a possibility but I kept working on it anyway...long story short, I may be moving to Japan for at least two years. Yup.

These past five - six months I've been working calmly on the possibility of obtaining my graduate degree in Japan, however now that everything is real and the dates are close, I think I *might* be freaking out.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

Kisses :*

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