miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Living in Japan!

Hello loves,

Well, clearly I have to be a better blogger.

As promised in my previous entry, I will let you know what happened.

I traveled on September 22nd and by September 24th I landed in Narita Airport!!!

I've been here a little more than 3 months and I just can say: I LOVE JAPAN! If you have the opportunity, come come come.

Now I'm a master's student in Tokyo Institute of Technology doing research in the area I love: Brain Computer Interfaces for Rehabilitation Engineering. I've had a LOT of work these months (specially with all the paperwork as a resident in Japan) and many assignments for my classes. The fall semester is less than one month to end, so you can imagine how much work I still have. I live now in Yokohama, in the limit to Tokyo so I can go both cities easily (I'm so lucky! :D).

Regarding this blog, I will continue with it for my personal life, cute stuff and some reviews. Honestly, Gyaru is beautiful but I don't have time or the dedication for it and I don't want to be a "so so" Gyaru. I will continue following Gyaru world and learning more about it, but not practicing.

Thank you for following my blog!

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